Energy Incentive

In an effort to make Kiwi homes warmer and healthier, The New Zealand Government currently provides subsidies for under floor and ceiling insulation and for installing a clean heating device (usually a heat pump) in the main livingarea. These incentives apply only to residential properties, providing that an approved installer is used.

There is no subsidy for double glazing, although it is estimated that windows alone amount for 25-31% of the heat loss in an average New Zealand home.

At New Zealand Glass we have taken a proactive Kiwi "can do" approach and, instead of waiting for the government to address this situation, we have teamed up with a private trust to offer energy incentives to qualifying residential homes and businesses. Our aim is to make double glazing more affordable for every-day New Zealanders.

This is a private initiative only available from New Zealand Glass and applies to both retro fit double glazing and new replacement windows.

The energy incentives are available in tiers and are calculated based on the square meters of glass replaced with double glazing relative to the total square meters of glazing in the building. The total maximum available incentive is $2000.00 for residential properties and $5000.00 for commercial properties.

We appreciate your interest in our Energy Incentive Programme and we look forward to helping make your place warmer, dryer and more comfortable while modernizing and adding value to your building.

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